Replace headlight – Light Bulb on a 2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager

There where are we going to 5 Chrysler town and country. To replace a 2000 Chrysler Grand voyager headlights. Or you can replace the light bulb. Because show you the steps. It works on a Dodge caravan grand caravan. I believe from 2000 to 200 7 So here’s a first step. There’s 3 screws on top. Move the 3 screws. We got my hope for here taken a video now there’s a lot to handle you pull it out and there you go that set.


2000 chrysler grand voyager headlightsIf you want it need to change a light pole. Take the red cliff found. Without a little bit. No oneĀ is if some push down. And then twist the soft light bulb come out make sure you don’t touch the label. The oil in your hand will make the label will flow out. Checking on this one here but put it back twisted pushed back. Equipped with the red handle same thing on the signal light can do the same thing 2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager headlights. Actually you don’t even need to take a clip out is pull out the label put it back in. This 20 completely pants fingers on their. And make sure. There’s a slots here there’s 3 will make sure the right one goes in the right place largest one over here.


And Twisted put back and. Now show this and her gotta put it back in. John explained to my camera person here how to take pictures. Just. Screws back on. Make sure you like you don’t need to really line them up because they line up itself.