Proper care of the car during the summer.

On a hot sultry period it is important to pay due attention to the following components of a vehicle:

  • Surface.
  • Thermostat.
  • Radiator.
  • Engine.

care of the carIn order for the vehicle surface does not evolved under the influence of high temperatures it is necessary to hide it in the garage or under any overhang. Car covers can’t fully protect the paintwork. Firstly, in windy weather friction of cover and coating occurs, whereby on the corners and convex parts worn body appears. Secondly, soaked cover in the sun provides for body a steam bath, after which the paint swells, cracks and flakes off.
A clogged radiator is a common cause of overheating, so it must be regularly cleaned from dust and leaves.

In the case of boiling engine, you need to open the hood, to enrolled to the motor supply of fresh air. It is also necessary to open the lid of the expansion tank to speed up the cooling process, it is important to avoid splashing of superheated liquid which is under pressure. It is strictly prohibited to bring the motor to a usable state by pouring cold water, because the sharp temperature drop leads to the formation of cracks.